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Let's create something great together

Running a business is tough, starting a new venture is scrappy, doing everything alone is challenging, and finding time to learn new skills while still running day-to-day operations is near impossible. But sometimes, that's just the way it has to be when you're starting out, right?


Not if we can help it.

We started Design Donation to help new small business owners, side hustlers, nonprofits and causes attain the strategic marketing + design they need to grow but just can't manage to attain right now. A pay-it-forward if you will, for the amazing community that has given so much support back to us.

Only a few projects are chosen throughout the year based on our availability, your request, and your level of need. To be eligible for consideration you must meet the following requirements:


- Operate in the Adirondacks region of New York

- Are not and/or have never been able to budget spend for marketing, advertising, web design and graphic design

- Are one or more of the following:

  • Own and operate a small business

  • Own or operate a nonprofit organization

  • Youth, teen or young-adult founded company

  • A fundraiser event/initiative for a local cause

  • A small startup company

If this is something that could greatly help your organization on the road to your goals we encourage you to submit your pitch now! Together is how we all succeed.

*If you have any additional information or assets you think are vital to the consideration process, please email them to

Thank you for the deets!

We'll be in touch soon.

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