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Keith Fixes Computers

Keith Fixes Computers of Plattsburgh, New York came to us after declaring the business with a common question: what do I do now? Starting a new business is difficult and time-consuming, and often DIYing it just won't cut it.

Together we created a strategic sales & marketing funnel to map a customer's journey, including things like Branding & Visual Identity, Sales Collateral, Web Design, Copywriting, SEO, Organic Social Media, Paid META Ads, and more.

They wanted to attract multiple geographic markets for an array of services offered by the brand new business. We diversified strategy by channel: playful and witty on social media, a bit more serious and straight forward on the website, clean and simple collateral like brochures/letterheads/business cards etc., and a visual identity that feels technical and modern.

Keith Fixes Computers was an instant hit; they received thousands of engaged social media followers, a fully-booked repair schedule & profit within the first year of establishment.

SERVICES: Branding, Print Collateral, Web Design, Copywriting, SEO, Social Media Management, Paid Ads


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