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Branding + Design

Your business' identity is a towering mountain, and I'm ready to guide you to the summit. No two treks are ever the same, so services are 100% tailored to your biz needs. Some popular items include:

  1. Complete Brand Identity: logo suite, typography, color palettes, and style guide

  2. Social Media Launch Pack

  3. Business Card Design

  4. Pitch Decks

  5. Letterheads + Email Signatures

  6. Print Media Ads

  7. Flyers, Rack Cards, Leave-Behinds + various sales collateral

  8. Web + Banner Ads

  9. Merch, Apparel, Sticker and Packaging Design

  10. Copywriting, Newsletters + Blogs

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Web Design

Our web design is perfect for small to medium sized businesses who want to extend their presence with a completely customized website.

Our philosophy on websites: they should always be easy to view, easy to navigate, and easy to update. All of our websites are created on easy-to-use builders that you'll always be in total control of (with our loving support!)

Whether you have all the pieces of your website puzzle and just want us to design, or need help with sourcing photos, writing content, and guiding design- we're ready to start this journey together.


Social Media Management

We believe the best way to tell your story is with a strategy first mindset. Sure, you could climb a mountain without hiking boots, but your feet will hurt, you'll destroy your street shoes, + you won't perform the same way as if you had them.

When you’re crystal-clear about who your audience is, how you can best serve them with valuable content, + how to align that content with your brand’s growth goals, your social media goes from meh to *magnifico*.

A taste of the social media services we offer are:

  1. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube

  2. Organic Social Posts

  3. Paid Social Ads

  4. Engagement + Outreach

  5. Community Management

  6. Content Creation

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Digital Marketing

You know the saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket?" That's because the most effective strategy will always be the omnichannel approach.


In an increasingly digital world you need to stay relevant by continuing to show up & stay top of mind with your consumers. With so many digital options to choose from, let's explore the best ways to diversify & expand your marketing in ways that make sense to your customers:

  1. Email Marketing

  2. Google Ads

  3. Reputation Management

  4. SEO + Keyword Enrichment

  5. Blog + Press Release Copywriting
  6. Search Listing Management
  • Why Copper + Moonstone?
    Marketing your business can feel like a daunting mountain to climb alone. But: you don't HAVE to go at it alone- you've been down that road before. Throughout the years I have been helping steadfast brands with adventurous design + marketing, and now, it's your turn. You bring the map, I'll be your guide.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    After agreeing + signing our project proposal and contract, a deposit will be due before work starts. Depending on the scope, remaining payments can be split into mile marker payments, paid in full prior to file handovers.
  • Who owns the branding artwork?
    It's all yours! Once your final invoice is paid, I'll send you the final files and project assets. I will retain ownership of all preliminary work (i.e., initial sketches, unused concepts, mockups) + the right to display the final product in my portfolio and marketing materials.
  • Will you need passwords for social media ads + management?
    Yes, dependent upon social platform. All social media management projects will receive a comprehensive checklist on what information is needed to start for us to start your social excursion. You will always have full admin control of your accounts.
  • I'm just starting my business + don't have anything yet...
    Congratulations! You've already taken a MASSIVE step in the right direction, and I can't wait to go on this expedition with you. No assets, no problem! I'm happy to help you navigate this trek with a thoughtfully crafted marketing strategy that works from day 1.
  • How do we start?!
    We can't wait! Let's start by filling out the project inquiry form. I’ll reach out for more information + to set up an introduction. If we're meant to be, I’ll send a proposal and contract to start our adventure together!


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